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  • Why use SMS for tracking? Why not mobile Internet?
       Battery life is better
       Coverage is better
       Easy to make it works.Esp for unlocked phones.

  • Which platform is supported?
       Working on Windows Phone Client
       Working on BlackBerry Client
       Working on Symbian Client
       iPhone? Need Apple to open their SMS API

  • What's the least expensive way to use TrackBySMS?
       In USA, you can use T-Mobile prepaid SIM card
       In Canada, 711 prepaid SIM cards is very cheap, Wind Mobile is also a good choice.
       In other countries, you can find a provider offer good plan for texting to USA number.

  • How many devices can I track?
       Up to 5 cell phones at this time, if you are a business user and need more, please contact us.

  • I can track my son now? How can I my wife see the map?
       She need to login to her google account, then do the authorization process.

  • Can I track my dog?
       Sure! You can track anything.

  • More question?
       Visit our Group:

  • I absolutely LOVE it! How can I help?
       Tell your friends.

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